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A new way for artists & tastemakers to earn money by curating music

17-01-17 - Amsterdam-based startup kollekt.fm launches a new music service for businesses called ‘Atmosphere’. The service delivers a music selection that is handpicked by an artist or music expert who is connected to a business. Atmosphere not only creates a better in-store experience for customers, but it's also a new opportunity for artists and music experts to make money.

It started at Amsterdam hotspot ‘Coffee & Coconuts’. The owners had asked local artist ‘Moiety’ to select music for their venue, because they trusted his expertise in finding the right music for their atmosphere. This inspired a new business model in which upcoming artists curate the in-store music for businesses. This new approach is a response to outdated mix CD’s and generic playlists that still often find their way in stores and restaurants.

Over the past 12 months the company has carefully selected musicians, DJs, producers and record label owners for their music curator roster and have developed an Atmosphere streaming app which provides seamless playback and is fully licensed for business use, so that music becomes part of your brand. Through an intake process, kollekt.fm finds out what music profile fits the identity and customer experience that a business wants. Based on this ‘Music Identity’, each business is connected to their exclusive music expert who personally selects new music every month.

Even though Atmosphere was not officially launched yet, it is already being used in 84 venues worldwide. Some clients include We Are Labels, Ace & Tate, SLA, Spaces & Marqt.

‘It’s exciting to help businesses create a strong customer experience while providing upcoming artists the opportunity to get paid for selecting the music they love.’ 

Rolf Dröge (Co-founder of kollekt.fm)

“For us good music is 50% of the business. Our curator has a really good feeling for providing us with the right music for different moments of the day.” 

Ruerd Akersloot (Owner of Coffee & Coconuts)

“We realised we needed help from an expert and that’s when we found you. Now we have Atmosphere in all our venues worldwide.” 

Margot van der Poel (Community Developer of Spaces)

For some brands they have created an Atmosphere online radio channel, so clients can also enjoy the great music at home or on the go.

Listen to the sound of the Coffee & Coconuts and Spaces on desktop or mobile.

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Do you want to become a curator or want to have atmosphere in your venues? Learn more on getatmosphere.com

About Atmosphere by kollekt.fm

About kollekt.fm
Human curation has alway been the core of kollekt.fm. Since it was founded in 2013, the company has build an online consumer platform* where a community of 25.000+ users discover and share music. The company was part of the Amsterdam Rockstart Accelerator Web & Mobile batch '15 and was selected for Blackbox.vc in Silicon Valley which is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.


Atmosphere will be launched on getatmosphere.com